Prismatic Mantis | Swords Of Truth | 6.19.14




Swords Of Truth. “Extraterrestrial Throwback Recorded & Decoded for Humans”.

Swords of Truth set in motion in February 2009. Over five years before its official release, the album’s sessions began with meticulous achi-texturization, planting seeds for six musical structures. The result is aesthetically cohesive; tones range from Psychedelic Math Rock to Future-Complicated Easy Listening. Drummer Brian St. Pierre lends a fizzing energy to the album, his beats pulsing from the feverish precision of hip-hop backbeats to explosive improvisations. Percussion virtuoso Doug Perkins (David Lang, Steve Reich) also lends his talents, performing vibraphone on the title track.

Prismatic Mantis’s shared musical vision allows the record to access unpredicted levels, to take form in unexpected ways. Having endured constant changes in the creative process, Swords of Truth reaches beyond current paradigms; it remains integrous to the initial vision while embracing new influences. It’s a sonic sculpture, emanating both musicality and unabashed enjoyment of its own creation.

So what does this music sound like? Rooted in enigmatic beats, the speakers emit a dance of melodic archery and hint at reflections from a future epoch. As a chronicle of sonic expression, Swords of Truth shows the progression of a continuously shape-shifting artist. It illuminates the game crucial to understanding the magic behind sharing the gift of music.

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